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Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Yankees Report Card, 2006

Replacement Level Yankees Weblog has issued their post season report card for the 2006 Yankees. The most valuable Yankee was none other than Derek Jeter, pulling ahead of Jorge Posada, who held the lead in the midterm report.

Here's the entire list, best to worst, contributions on both offense and defense taken into account:

Jeter 43
Mussina 37
Posada 33
Giambi 29
Wang 28
Damon 22
Cano 21
Rivera 21
Johnson 19
Rodriguez 18
Proctor 12
Abreu 11
Farnsworth 5
Smith 5
Karstens 4
Thompson 4
Bruney 3
Matsui 3
Rasner 2
Myers 2
Cairo 1
Guiel 1
Sheffield 1
Veras 1
Wright 0
Cannizaro -1
Reese -1
Bean -1
Nieves -2
Villone -2
Henn -2
Erickson -3
Fasano -4
Lidle -4
Long -4
Stinnett -5
K. Wilson -6
Sturtze -6
Green -6
Ponson -7
Dotel -8
Crosby -8
Beam -11
Cabrera -11
Phillips -13
C. Wilson -13
Small -13
Williams -15
Chacon -15

Interesting stuff. Wang had a real surge in the second half, but it wasn't quite enough to overcome Moose's hot start. Colter Bean contributed more than TJ Beam. A-Rod's defense was awful. Andy Phillips and Craig Wilson were equally horrible; Guiel would have been a better choice.

And Melky Cabrera's numbers for the season are surprisingly bad. His zone rating is pretty poor, suggesting that moving him to CF might not be a great idea. Though he is young, and may improve on both offense and defense.

Bubba also did poorly in the second half, dropping from -2.6 to -8. Considering that he was only around for a couple of weeks after the All-Star Break, and didn't play every game in that time, that's a pretty big shift. (July was really rough for Bubba. He hit only .152 that month.)

Not one of Bubba's best seasons, alas. But I'm confident he'll bounce back next year. He just needs regular playing time, and perhaps a little job security. He looked a bit anxious to me this year, especially toward the end. He used to be known for his good eye and patience at the plate; he needs to show that again.

Bernie finished the season at -15, the worst for any position player on the team. I fear Torre's love of veterans, and of Bernie in particular, is a real liability. Many believe that Torre's fondness for Bernie kept Lofton from playing regularly, and prevented the Yanks from trading for Carlos Beltran. Last season, his insistence on playing Bernie, Sierra, Lawton, and Womack in the outfield over Bubba came back to bite us in the playoffs. This season, he was supposed to platoon Bernie and Bubba, and then Bernie and Guiel, but instead, it ended up being all Bernie, all the time. That not only hurts the team, it blocks younger players from getting a fair shot.

Melky really lucked out this year, as Wang and Cano did last year. Basically, Joe had no choice but to play him. I suspect if Bubba hadn't been injured, Melky would have been sent back to Columbus. In May, Bubba was hitting better than Melky, for both average and power, plus Joe was putting him in as a LIDR for Melky. Then Melky fell into a month-long slump. I think Joe would have sent him back down to the minors, if he had another outfielder to take his place. But with Bubba, Matsui, and Sheff on the DL, he didn't. When Bubba returned, he wasn't hitting as well, having spent a month on the shelf, while Melky was rebounding from his slump. But once Sheff and Matsui came back, Melky was riding pine.

Bernie, I love you, but you need to retire.

Also worth a look is RLYW's analysis of What Happened? in the postseason. In short...the pitching was bad, the offense was worse, and the defense was worst of all. Just really ugly all around.

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That's complete junk and worthless in my opinion. You need to add into account misplayed flyballs that don't get recorded as errors, mental errors, hitting homeruns when the score isn't already 17-0, etc...
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, October 13, 2006 12:56 AM  
I assume you're talking about A-Rod?

A-Rod's defensive stats this year were hideous. The only reason he's ranked as high as he is is his hitting.

I think there's a good chance he'll be traded before spring training next year. He's a remarkably talented man, but he's also a complete head case. Some players just wither in the bright lights of Broadway, and I think he's one of them.
commented by Blogger BubbaFan, October 13, 2006 6:57 AM  

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