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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Torre to Survive?

Well, Monday passed without an announcement about Torre's fate. That may be good news for Joe...but bad news for Alex Rodriguez. At least if he wants to stay in NY. Moving A-Rod to the eight-hole has been seen by many as a message from Torre to Steinbrenner that he wanted A-Rod gone. A-Rod has a no-trade, but it would be hard for him to refuse to leave if the Yanks really want him to go. Though I'm sure he'll insist on being traded to a contender.

Joel Sherman, who yesterday reported that Torre was likely to be fired, today reports in the NY Post that it looks like Torre may survive the Boss' fury. He says Torre is the least of their worries; what they need is hungry young players.

But the most important failure with this team begins in Steinbrenner's mirror. His brew of impatience, impetuousness and wealth led to the purchase of one star after another. That brought great players. But like eating too much cake, there was bad, as well. The higher the payroll, the more intense the pressure on the group, the more disjointed and inflexible the roster, and - most important - the more likely you were buying veterans nearing dips in performance, health and motivation.

He also offers this warning for those who are looking to young Philip Hughes as a savior:

It is easy to see, after succumbing to Verlander, Zumaya and Jeremy Bonderman, that the Yanks need more young, big-time arms, and Hughes might have the minors' biggest arm. Hughes and Chien-Ming Wang could front a rotation for years. But this version of the Yanks really needs that to happen quickly, for Hughes to be akin to probable AL Rookie of the Year Verlander and not like Bonderman, who has taken several years to develop fully. And, of course, five years ago, some teams thought Nick Neugebauer and Nate Cornejo were no-doubt pitching stars. If you are asking, "Who?" the answer is, "Exactly." There are no sure things.
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