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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Too Much For the Tiggers

October 3, 2006: N.Y. Yankees 8, Detroit 4

This game was closer than the score indicates. Robertson had one bad inning, giving up 5 runs; aside from that, he did pretty well against "Murderers' Row." Wang did not have his best stuff; he seemed to be a little nervous, and was overthrowing a bit. He gave up more fly balls, including a monster homer, than he usually does.

So many Yankees fans were chewing their fingernails last night. I was hoping for a more relaxing game, at home with our ace on the mound.

Sheff had a pretty solid night on defense. I'm still a little nervous about him playing 1B, but he was fine last night.

Jeter had a terrific night. 5 for 5, with a homer. A-Rod went only 1 for 4. Cano seemed nervous at the plate, going 0 for 4.

At the top of the 8th, Torre put in Phillips for Sheffield, but did not put Melky in for Matsui. Matsui is not bad on defense, unlike Bernie Williams and Ruben Sierra last year. Indeed, our outfield is pretty solid defensively now, and a LIDR isn't really necessary.

A few weeks ago, someone - I can't remember who - pointed out that in the end, it was Mike Myers who cost Bubba Crosby his job. Bubba was DFA'd to make room for another pitcher...who was necessary because of Myers. The Yankees did not have a LOOGY on staff last year, and hence had room for Bubba. But with Myers taking up a full roster spot but only being used to get the occasional lefty out...well, that means there's basically one less roster spot this year than last. And it was Bubba who paid the price.

It wasn't worth it. Myers has been terrible lately, and was again last night. He was brought in to get Granderson out in the 7th...and gave up a home run.

Indeed, the bullpen was the only real bad news about this game. They were lucky they did as well as they did; the Tigers are a young, impatient team, or it would have been worse. Myers gave up that homer. Brought in with two outs and none on, Proctor gave up two hits before getting that last out. Farnsworth walked the leadoff batter, and nearly walked the next guy, too. Not reassuring.

And now Torre is saying they'll use Farnsworth back-to-back, if necessary. Oy. Has he forgotten that Farnsworth is not very good used two days in a row?

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I'm watching the 8th inning of Thursday's playoff game and Zumaya looks pretty dern good. Didn't Bubba hit a long home run off of him in Spring training?
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, October 05, 2006 4:11 PM  
You know, I think he did. It was the game-winner, IIRC.
commented by Blogger BubbaFan, October 05, 2006 5:25 PM  

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