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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Girardi will be broadcaster

Joe Girardi took himself out of the running for the Nationals job yesterday:

Girardi Doesn’t Want to Uproot His Family to Be a Manager Again

He has homes in Florida and Chicago, but doesn't want to move his family anywhere else. So it was the Cubs job or nothing. When that job went to Piniella, Girardi decided to accept a standing offer from YES to be a broadcaster. (He can live in Chicago and work for YES.)

It's unlikely Girardi would accept a coaching job with the Yanks, as some have speculated. He probably would have to move to NY for that. And going back to coaching after being a manager would be a step backward.

He says he still wants to be a manager. When the right opportunity opens up, he'll jump on it.

Meanwhile, Girardi's withdrawal may be good news for Tony Pena, who also interviewed for the Nats job.

In other news...Baseball America posted this list of minor leaguers who have been declared free agents following the 2006 season, as provided by Major League Baseball.

It's slightly different from the one that was posted by But Bubba's on both lists.

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