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Monday, September 18, 2006

A Tale of Two Centerfielders

September 17, 2006: Boston 6, N.Y. Yankees 3
September 17, 2006: Boston 5, N.Y. Yankees 4

The Sox swept the second doubleheader, causing much glee in Beantown. Some delusional Sox fans are even telling themselves they can catch the Yankees.

In their dreams. These games don't mean much, and Torre managed them accordingly. I can't get too upset about that. With back-to-back doubleheaders and a double-digit lead in the division standings, Torre's first priority was to avoid exhausting his players. He mostly succeeded.

The second game was very close. It ended up being a tale of two centerfielders.

Theirs, Coco Crisp, robbed a Jorge Posada homer that would have put the Yanks ahead. I didn't think he'd even catch up with the ball, but he timed it perfectly, running to the wall and making a leaping grab well over it. (Jeez, who does he think he is, Bubba Crosby?)

Ours, Bernie Williams, has such a weak arm that the Boston sent Cora on a pretty shallow sac fly. Bernie's throw home bounced about a dozen times. Cora scored from 3B - the game-winning run. They might have sent him even if Damon were in CF, since Damon's arm isn't great, either, but no way would they have sent him if it was Bubba.

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