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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Nothing left to play for

September 29, 2006: N.Y. Yankees 7, Toronto 2

Well, when the dust settled last night, the Yankees had clinched homefield advantage throughout the playoffs. They now have nothing left to play for. Until Tuesday, anyway.

This game was a weird mirror image of Moose's last regular season game last year. Unlike last year, when he got the hook in the second inning, he was in fine form last night. He gave up an early home run to Glaus, then buckled down and became a strikeout machine. But like last year, Gary Sheffield came through with a homer in a key spot. His grand slam last year wasn't enough for a win; his three-run homer this year drove a stake in the heart of the Jays.

Bobby Abreu had a very nice catch in the right field corner, running into the wall to make the play. Yes, I said running into the wall. He didn't crash into it full-speed, like Bubba was wont to do, but he didn't shy away from it for once. Maybe all the muttering about that bad play yesterday got to him.

Melky Cabrera is 1 for his last 16. That's .062. It's not easy to hit off the bench, especially for young players.

Before the game, Torre said that Randy Johnson has a herniated disk in his back. But they expect the Unit to make his post-season start. (Oy. I hope Joe has a quick hook ready. I can't forget that horrible rainy Friday night last year.)

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