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Friday, September 22, 2006

No good deed goes unpunished...

No one expected the Florida Marlins to do anywhere near as well as they have. Joe Girardi has worked an amazing turnaround there. They're in playoff contention, years before anyone thought it was possible.

And what's his reward? A pink slip:

Marlins reportedly won't bring back Girardi

Girardi's days likely numbered

Supposedly, the Marlins feel he doesn't have the people skills needed for the job.

So where will Girardi land next year? Possibly the Chicago Cubs. Dusty Baker is on thin ice there, and Girardi is a Chicago native.

Rampant speculation: When Girardi was the Yankees bench coach, he was one of those who thought Bubba could be the everyday centerfielder. As the Marlins manager, he tried to work a trade for Bubba during spring training this year, but was turned down. If Girardi does land in Chicago, maybe Bubba will as well?

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