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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Bloodbath In the Bronx

September 27, 2006: N.Y. Yankees 16, Baltimore 5

Wang wasn't that sharp last night, but he didn't need to be. Torre put the first-string lineup in. It didn't stay in for long, though. By the end of the 4th inning, the Yankees were up 13-2, and Joe started putting the scrubs in. It was a blowout early, and the Orioles more or less gave up.

Torre has announced his starting rotation for the first round of the playoffs. Wang, Mussina, Johnson. I guess this means Wang is officially our ace.

Futility Infielder has a good analysis of Wang, and of what it takes to win in the post-season. They aren't sure he's ace material. It's an interesting article because it takes the middle road. Most articles about Chien-Ming Wang either gush about what a stud he is, or dismiss him as a flash in the pan.

The article claims that statistical analysis shows that championship teams have three things in common: a good closer, a power pitching staff, and good defense.

Well, we have the good closer.

I'm a big fan of the Wanger. He's probably my favorite Yankee pitcher. He had nine assists in Bubba's walkoff homer game, fer crissakes.

But I do think his getting the #1 spot in the playoff rotaion is as much about how Moose and the Unit have struggled as about how good Tiger is. Which may signal trouble ahead for the Yankees.

With the Yanks' current lineup, it's easy to think they're unbeatable. Especially when they rack up 16 runs for the second time in three days. But they won't be playing Baltimore or Tampa Bay in the post-season. Big bats usually aren't enough to get it done in October. You need good pitching and solid defense, too. I'm not sure the Yankees measure up there.

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The Yankees are missing that "feel good" player this year. No Tino. No Brosius or Paul O' Neil. I'd take an Aaron Boone over A-Rod any day (A-Rod probably would have fouled out against Wakefield). Bernie won't be playing. Man, maybe we need to get Mo in the starting lineup or something...
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