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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Why does it have to be Angels?

August 11, 2006: L.A. Angels 7, N.Y. Yankees 4

I don't know what it is about the Halos, but they have our number. Heck, they not only have our number, they have our home address, date of birth, pet's name, mother's maiden name, and favorite color.

Cory Lidle didn't pitch very well, but it turns out he had an excuse. He had a stomach virus, and was pulled early. Torre, who has admitted that he overuses the pitchers he trusts and must start relying on everyone during this tough stretch, put in Sydney Ponson. Ponson didn't really do anything to garner trust, but he was no worse than Lidle.

Veras, who came in after Ponson, saw only one batter. Vlad hit a homer off him, and that was it. Quick hook for the rook. I know I'm not the only fan who was thinking, "For this we gave up Bubba Crosby?"

Torre ended up going to his new favorite workhorse, Ron Villone. I have a feeling Veras might be headed back to Columbus soon. Kris Wilson pitched well last night, and Torre seems to trust him more than Veras. The only reason it was Veras instead of Wilson was that Wilson had just been sent down, and couldn't be called up again so soon.

Speaking of Columbus...the Clippers won last night. Bubba had an okay night at the plate. Struck out looking, struck out swinging twice, then got two walks.

Glad to see those walks. Bubba used to be known as a batter with a good eye and patience at the plate, but he hasn't been walking much this year. Probably because he knew if he didn't hit, he'd lose his job.

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