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Friday, August 11, 2006

Thursday never looking back...

August 10, 2006: Chicago White Sox 5, N.Y. Yankees 4

Another "turn the page" game. Just sloppy all around. Errors for both A-Rod and Melky Cabrera that put the Yanks in a hole early. Moose battled, but wasn't at his best. The Yanks seem back to their old ways of scoring only on home runs. Sigh. I miss our gritty, scrappy team that could manufacture runs.

Once again, we could have used Bubba in the late innings. Pinch-hitting for Wilson (why?), Bernie hit a single. Some fans were wondering why Joe didn't put in a pinch-runner for him. Then they remembered - we don't have one. Nick Green is a slowpoke. Cairo's on the DL. And one of the fastest guys in baseball, Bubba Crosby, is with the Clippers.

On the bright side, the Red Sox also lost, meaning we don't lose ground in the division race. I'd laugh at the Bosox for being swept by the lowly Kansas City Royals, except the same thing happened to the Yanks last year. And we ended up taking the division.

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