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Monday, August 28, 2006

Nothing Could Be Finah Than To Be In Carolina

August 29, 2006: Columbus Clippers 8, Charlotte Knights 4

Darrell Rasner was briefly called up by the Yankees earlier this season. He injured his shoulder during a practice session. It was thought to be a minor injury that wouldn't really need a DL stint, but turned out to be worse than they thought. The Yanks weren't even sure he'd be back this season.

But he is back. He was activated August 25, and assigned to Columbus. He made his first start last night. He did okay, all things considered. Perhaps the Yanks will call him up in September.

The Clippers fell behind 2-4 by the 4th, but slowly chipped their way back, tying it in the 8th. In the 9th, they broke out the bats in a big way, scoring four runs, which proved to be three runs more than they needed to secure the win.

Bubba flied out in his first at bat, but that would be the last time they kept him off the bases. He was hit by pitches twice, both times on the right foot. And they almost plunked him again in his 4th at bat. (The scouting report on Bubba must say to pitch him inside.) He got out of the way in time, and eventually ended up getting his only hit of the night, a sharp line drive to right.

He came to bat again in the 9th, leading off. They did not pinch-hit for him this time, even though there was a lefty on the mound. He worked a walk. He was sacrificed to 2B, and got to 3B on a groundout. A single by Wil Nieves brought him home - the go-ahead and game-winning run.

Bubba's line for the night: 1 for 2 with a run, a walk, and two HBPs.

His Columbus numbers thus far:


.265 .359 .441 .800

The color guy for the Charlotte Knights is none other than Tommy John, the one-time Yankees pitcher who got a surgical procedure named after him. The Charlotte radio announcers kind of annoyed me at first; they yacked too much, while sometimes neglecting to describe what was going on on the field. But it was interesting to hear what Tommy thought of Bubba.

He said Bubba would be a good leadoff hitter if he had more plate discipline. "He's too much of a hacker."

Later, he said he saw Bubba when he played for Las Vegas. He said Bubba was an unbelievable hitter. Not only did he hit everything, he hit everything hard. He said maybe that was why Bubba had no plate discipline: he's such a good hitter, of course he wants to hit.

Listen to Tommy John's comments about Bubba here. (WMA file, 97k)

That season with Las Vegas was one of the high points of Bubba's career. He really did rake it that year, at one point sporting a batting average over .400. True, it was a hitter's park in a hitter's league. Even taking that into account, his numbers were stunning that year. Sure would be nice if he could find that groove again.

Bobby Murcer thinks it's only a matter of confidence. He says Bubba would hit 20 homeruns a year, if only the Yankees would quit telling him he can't hit. And yes, it seems he still thinks Bubba can be an everyday player. After the Boston series, he introduced a segment on Johnny Damon by saying he wanted Bubba Crosby to be the Yankees' CFer.

The Clippers play the Knights again tonight at 7:15pm, but Bubba is not in the lineup. Odd. He just had a day off the other day. He's been hitting well, and there's a righty on the mound. Resting him up for a September callup? Hey, I can dream, can't I?

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