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Friday, August 04, 2006

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Well, it appears poor Bubba was blindsided by this. Torre said it was very hard on them both. Joe feels like Bubba's one of his own kids; he said this is the part of the job he hates the most.

Bubba didn't take it well. He was crushed. He changed from his uniform into street clothes, packed his stuff, and left without saying goodbye to his teammates. A horde of press followed him, but he wouldn't speak to them. He just said, "Write what you want." (As Steve notes, you can't really blame him for being upset.)

Torre said if Bubba clears waivers and accepts an assignment to Columbus, he will be called up again in September.

YES has an article here about the decision to cut Bubba.

Designating Crosby was a "very tough" decision, Torre said. Crosby, who made the team's Opening Day roster, made 19 starts with the Yankees this season. He got 87 at-bats, hitting .207 with a homer and six RBIs.

"He becomes a luxury item," Torre said. "He can pinch-run for you; you put him out in center field."

The Yankees acquired Crosby in 2003 through a trade with the Dodgers. He split time in 2004 and '05 between Columbus and New York. Crosby did not talk to reporters before Friday's game.

"It's a one-way conversation. There's not a lot I can talk to him about," said Torre, who expressed that the need for another pitcher was a necessity that outweighed keeping Crosby. "Obviously, he had nothing to do with the decision as far as his lack of ability or anything. You couldn't use him."

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I feel so bad for Bubba!! I hope he gets to stay with the Yankees, but maybe if he goes somewhere else he'd get to play more. I just hope he gets to play somewhere!
-Bubba Fan
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