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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Longest. Game. Ever.

August 18, 2006: N.Y. Yankees 14, Boston 11

Well, not really the longest game ever. It was, however, the longest nine-inning game. And it felt like it. It dragged on so long that Al Leiter apologized for his "eleven starts last year." He said he never realized how tedious it was to watch a slow game; it's different when you're the pitcher.

It was a wild game. The Yanks jumped out to a 5-1 lead, then the Sox took the lead, then the Yanks took the lead back. It didn't seem quite safe until the very last out was recorded. Big Papi had his trademark 9th inning homer (against Mo, no less), but it wasn't enough. The Yan-kees win!

The Aruban Ace, Sidney Ponson, had a horrible night. He is being DFA'd today. Brian Bruney was sent back to Columbus as well. (He was brought up only for the weekend, and is being exchanged for a fresh arm.)

Aaron Guiel and Jeff Karstens were called up from Columbus, and caught a 7am flight to Boston this morning. I was surprised that they called up Guiel. While I agree they need a backup OFer who is not the Ghost of Bernie Williams, I was expecting them to stick with pitchers, at least for the weekend. Maybe it's finally dawned on them how very thin their bench is these days.

Of course, I was hoping it would be Bubba instead of Guiel. Bubba did not have a great night in Columbus last night. He went 0 for 4 - the only guy in the lineup who didn't get a hit. There's always one; I guess yesterday was his turn. Or maybe he was pressing; I'm sure he was hearing the callup rumors even more than we fans were.

They probably brought up Guiel for the same reason they signed him in the first place: his occasional power as a lefty batter. And he's been playing 1B at Columbus as well as outfield, which may appeal to a team that just lost Andy Phillips and wasn't sure if Giambi would be healthy enough to play today. Guiel also still has options, so they can send him back down again without exposing him to waivers, if necessary. And he was still on the 40-man roster, while Bubba was not.

But Bubba has good things to offer, too. He's been hitting well in Columbus - better than Guiel, though admittedly the sample size is small. He's got the range for CF, which Guiel doesn't. He's got a lot more speed, and could be the pinch-runner they lack.

I can't help wondering if maybe they'd have picked Bubba instead of Guiel if Bubba had had a better night at the plate last night. Probably not...but still. Would have made my weekend if Bubba had rejoined the team today.

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