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Friday, August 04, 2006

Designated For Assignment

WFAN reports that Bubba has been designated for assignment. Pitcher Jose Veras has been called up from Columbus.

I assume this means the news isn't good on Kyle Farnsworth. He tried to catch a ball barehanded yesterday, and hurt his hand. They said it wasn't serious, but since they called up another pitcher today, it must be worse than they thought.

I'm kind of surprised it wasn't Andy Phillips instead of Bubba. Now that we have Craig Wilson, we really don't need Andy. While we do need Bubba, as a backup CFer for the oft-injured Damon, and as a pinch-runner. I guess Joe still thinks Bernie can play CF.

If Bubba clear waivers, he'll likely end up in Columbus again. If so, he could be called up in September, when the rosters expand.

If he's claimed off waivers, well, that might be the best thing for him. It's clear the Yankees will never give him the chance he deserves. And with so many outfielders on the roster now, I don't see any room for him next year, once Matsui and maybe Sheff are healthy.

Joe Girardi likes Bubba, and has said he thinks Bubba can be an everyday player. Maybe the Marlins will claim Bubba, and give him the shot the Yanks never did.

If Bubba leaves the NY area, I won't be able to follow his career as closely as I've been doing, but rest assured, I will do my best. I'll always be a loyal fan, no matter where he ends up. (But please, let it not be the Red Sox.)

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