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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Clippers Kick Butt

August 12, 2005: Columbus Clippers 7, Richmond Braves 1

The Clippers have struggled this year (not least because the Yankees kept calling up their players). Richmond's record is even worse than Columbus's, though, and the Clippers rolled tonight.

Bubba had a very respectable night at the plate. He grounded out at his first at bat. But his next time up, he drew a walk. He hit singles the next two times. The bottom line: 2 for 3, with a walk and an RBI. His batting average rose 100 points over the course of the game, and is now .286. Small sample size, obviously. Still, it was fun to watch his average go from the lowest in the lineup to the highest, in just one night. Go, Bubba!

.286 .500 .412 .912

Dotel pitched an inning tonight, too. He did well, and may be with Yanks soon.

The Clippers play the Norfolk Tides at 6:15pm Sunday night.
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