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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Boston Massacre

August 19, 2006: N.Y. Yankees 13, Boston 5

I confess, I am amazed (but very pleased) that we are now 3-0 in this five-game series. I thought we'd split 2-3 or 3-2. Now 4-1, or even 5-0, is looking possible. Red Sox Nation is reeling.

"Upper-Deck Beck" only gave up one homer (to Bernie, of all people), but he gave up plenty of other runs. What killed him and the other Sox pitchers was all the walks they gave out. Thirteen in all.

YES gave Bernie the "Defensive Play of the Game." He made a nice sliding catch...but he looked like he was running through concrete to get there. A few years ago, he'd have made that catch without sliding. I think I'd have given it to Melky instead; he made a nice diving catch in LF. A little scary, though; his glove caught on the grass slightly. Ever since Matsui, that kind of catch makes me nervous.

Bubba would've made both those catches standing up. Heck, he'd probably make them look so easy they wouldn't make the highlight reels.

Tomorrow, Boston's ace is on the mound: Curt "Bloody Sock" Schilling. Will he be the one to slow the Yankee juggernaut? Or will it be "Curt Shelling" who show up? I'm looking forward to the rest of the series, because even if we lose the final two games, we win the series.

Aaron Guiel didn't get any sleep last night. He got called at 2:00am, and had to go down to the Clippers locker room to pack his stuff, get to the airport, return his rental car, etc. He still hadn't slept by game time. But they put him in anyway, as a LIDR for Bobby Abreu in the bottom of the 9th. (Joe apparently doesn't trust Guiel in CF, even with an 8-run lead.)

Speaking of Guiel...Steve at WasWatching is puzzled at the choice of Guiel over Bubba. He wonders if Bubba burned his bridges with the Yankees, when he got so upset at being DFA'd.

Clippers play tonight at 7:00pm. If they have any pitchers left, anyway. Bubba is playing CF again, and batting in the three-hole. Follow the game online here.

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