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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Beatdown in the Buckeye State

August 19, 2006: Toledo Mudhens 20, Columbus Clippers 2

Well, the poor Columbus Clippers must know how the Boston Red Sox feel this morning. What a bloodbath. Toledo's been a roll lately, and Columbus is feeling the loss of the pitchers called up to New York this week.

It started out poorly, with De Paula giving up five runs in the first inning. It only got worse after that. In the end, the De Paula gave up 10 earned runs, and Mendoza, Butto, and Cosme combined to give up ten more.

Yes, I said "Cosme." He is listed as a third baseman on the roster, and so far as I know has never pitched before. (And likely never will again - he gave up a grand slam, and now has an ERA of 36.0.) Guess the Clippers were really hard up for pitchers, since the Yanks have called up so many.

They should have let Bubba pitch. He was a pitcher in high school. We could see if he still remembers how to throw that curveball Chuck Knoblauch's dad taught him. Or if Gator succeeded in teaching him to throw a splitter.

OTOH, maybe it was better they didn't. Poor Bubba was run ragged in centerfield last night. He got eleven balls to chase down over eight innings. He had a decent night at the plate, though, going 2 for 4 with a double, an RBI, and no strikeouts.

His Columbus numbers so far:


.289 .341 .500 .841

Not bad. Wouldn't mind seeing that OBP a little higher, though.

The Clippers play the Mudhens again tonight, at 6:00pm.

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