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Saturday, July 22, 2006


July 21, 2006: Toronto 7, N.Y. Yankees 3

Ugh. Not much to say about this one, except Bubba had absolutely nothing to do with it. He didn't start, didn't pinch-run, didn't pinch-hit, and was not a defensive replacement. Can't blame this one on him. :-P

Wright got rocked. He was driven from the game in the 3rd inning. Sigh. I really thought he'd turned around. Now not only our fifth starter, but fourth is in question. Our bullpen can't take much more of this.

On a lighter note...I was amused by this account of what was going on in the Yankees clubhouse before the game:

Not much going on before the game. The Yankees watched that truck evading police in Houston for a while on CNN. Everybody was getting on Bubba Crosby, who is from Houston.

"That your father Bubba?" Johnny Damon said. "My brother," Crosby replied. Mariano Rivera, of all people, couldn't take his eyes off the screen. Who knew the greatest closer ever loved police chases?
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