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Saturday, July 15, 2006

A Sparkling WebGem

July 14, 2006: N.Y. Yankees 6, Chicago White Sox 5

Bubba bouncing off the walls and scaring small children

A lovely start to the second half, both for the Yanks and for Bubba. It turned out to be closer than expected, with Mo struggling to hold a three-run lead in the ninth.

Bubba came in at the top of the ninth as a defensive replacement. It was a pretty complicated switch, but in the end, it was Aaron Guiel he replaced. The move paid off, as Bubba made a spectacular leaping catch to get the second out and help preserve the lead. In the end, Mo gave up two runs, but got Pierzynski to fly out to Bubba for the third out. (Weirdly, Bubba looked shakier on that easy fly out than he did on the earlier circus catch. Too much time to think, perhaps. Once he had the ball in his glove, he shook it triumph before he came running in.)

Aaron Guiel gives Bubba a congratulatory pat on the back

Bubba's catch was chosen as the #2 WebGem on ESPN's Baseball Tonight - beaten out only by a diving catch by Coco Crisp. (Good thing Crisp saved that 15-3 loss for the Sox. ;-)

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