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Monday, July 31, 2006


As of today, Bubba Crosby is still a New York Yankee. Aaron Guiel was optioned to Columbus. He still has options, Bubba doesn't.

Even aside from the options considerations, Bubba is the more useful player. He's more versatile. Guiel has a better bat, but with Abreu on the team, we don't need his bat any more. We need defense, especially in CF, which Bubba can provide.

But the reprieve may be temporary. The Yankees traded Shawn Chacon for Craig Wilson today. This is widely viewed as bad news for Andy Phillips. However, Wilson also plays OF, and Cashman said he still considers Andy part of the team.

That suggests it's not Andy who'll be DFA'd tomorrow. Who will be? Some think it will be Bubba.

I'm hoping it will be Nick Green. Wilson plays IF as well as OF, so cutting Green makes sense. And I think Green still has options.

But the future looks rather grim. What happens when Cano comes back? Matsui? Sheff?

I suspect Bubba's not going to be sleeping too well tonight. :-(

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