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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Randy Roughed Up...Again

July 1, 2006: N.Y. Mets 8, N.Y. Yankees 3


Bubba starting: Bubba Crosby was thankful to be in Saturday's starting lineup. It meant the outfielder could warm up his once-ailing hamstring a little bit easier.

Since being activated from the disabled list on June 15, Crosby said he's had more trouble getting ready to come in late in games.

"I used to be able to take half an inning [to get ready]," Crosby said. "If I knew I was going in in the eighth, I would start getting loose in the seventh. Now I get moving around in the fourth.

"It's a lot easier [starting]," he added. "I know what time the game starts, so I can start moving around."

Time to warm up or no, it was not a good day for Bubba or the Yankees. We got the old Randy Johnson today. His slider was flat, he struggled with his location, and I suspect his velocity wasn't that great, either. (There was a bit of a radar gun controversy.)

With Randy giving up two runs in the first and another five in fourth, the Yanks hitters felt the pressure early, and it showed. Bubba especially seemed to struggle:

2nd: Andy on first, one out. Trachsel had been throwing a lot of balls, and I was pleased that Bubba showed some patience this time. He tried to bunt the first pitch, but it went foul. Ball, pickoff attempt, called strike, ball. Down swinging. It wasn't a terrible pitch to swing at, at least. It was a breaking ball, and he ended up swinging over it.

4th: Melky on 1B, no outs. Bubba Crosby swings at the first pitch he sees, hitting a slow grounder to 2B. Melky out at second on the fielder's choice. It was very nearly a DP, but the soft hit and Bubba's speed let him beat the throw to first.

(BTW, Fox sucks. They were interviewing Willie Randolph in the dugout while Bubba's at bat played out. Grrrrr.)

Cairo up next; a wild pitch lets Bubba saunter to second. Runner in scoring position with one out. Things were looking good.

But once again, they couldn't cash in. Cairo grounded out to third, then Damon flied out. Sigh.

6th: Bases empty, two outs. Called strike, ball. On the third pitch, Bubba hits another soft groundout to 2B.

Bubba watches from the dugout as Bernie stands in the on-deck circle.

8th: Torre has Bernie PH for Bubba. Bernie Williams pops out weakly to 2B the first pitch he sees. Wow. Bubba could never have managed to do that.

I was irate that we lost Bubba's defense for that, but down 5, I guess it didn't matter. Still, I'd rather they let Bubba get the at bat. He needs the experience more than Bernie.

On defense, Bubba had a solid if unspectacular day. Not much hit to RF. (Melky had some adventures in LF, though. He really needs to learn to use cutoff men.) There was a long flyout by Reyes in the 6th that I'm not sure Bernie would have run down. It carried some, but Bubba still made it look easy. He got a good jump, chasing it down in plenty of time and setting up underneath it on the warning track. I have a feeling Bernie would have played that one off the wall.

Bubba blows a bubble as he throws the ball back in.

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