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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Lit up like the 4th of July

July 4, 2006: Cleveland 19, N.Y. Yankees 1

Poor Shawn Chacon may have pitched his way out of the starting rotation last night. It was beyond ugly; it was hideous. The exhausted bullpen once again had to pitch more than six innings. Ugh.

Reese got the start in RF. Some saw that is a diss of Bubba, but I kind of wondered if that meant they were sending Reese down. I've noticed Joe likes to do that. He use his bench players when they first come up, and when he's about to send them down. I guess to get one last look at them, just in case.

Bubba did get to play eventually, but didn't help his cause much. He was brought in as a pinch-hitter for Jorge Posada in the 6th, basically because the game was over. He didn't strike out, but he didn't get any hits, either.

6th: One out, A-Rod on first. Called strike, ball, ball. Then a really weird lineout to 1B. It was hit hard, and Broussard leaped up and barely got a glove on it. He didn't catch it, though. He dropped it. But the umpire ruled it a catch, and Bubba was out. Just as well, I guess, since A-Rod was headed back to 1B.

8th: One out, A-Rod on 1B, Stinnett on 2B. Ball, then a soft ground out to 1B. A-Rod and Stinnett advance.

Not too terrible, really; he got wood on the ball both times. He was robbed the first time, and moved the runners up the second time. But his batting average is looking pretty scary now.

Bubba took over Damon's spot in CF, but didn't have to work too hard out there. Not much for the fielders to do when the pitcher's giving up monster homeruns. :-P

And the Yankees are officially in panic mode. Starting pitcher Kris Wilson was called up from Columbus today, and sure enough, Bubba's pal Kevin Reese was sent down. The Yankees also picked up outfielder Aaron Guiel off the Royals' trash pile. He's a stopgap - 33 years old, DFA'd from the pathetic Royals. He strikes out a lot, walks some, and has some pop. Not a very good player, but he hits okay against righties. Unfortunately, this probably means he'll be platooned with Bernie in RF, leaving Bubba on the bench. Unless he really stinks up the joint.

I'm reminded of last year, when the Yanks experimented with Tony Womack, Matt Lawton, and Ruben Sierra, only to end up using Bubba in the end...quite successfully, too.

Joe doesn't seem to remember that:

Bubba Crosby has had just 20 at-bats since being reinstated from the disabled list June 15, collecting only three hits in that time. Crosby remains on the bench for the Yankees, and Torre seems content to save him for pinch-running and late-inning defensive purposes.

I'm mostly a supporter of Torre, but one thing that drives me nuts is the way he treats young players. They never get a chance. He really is "Clueless Joe" when it comes to that.

Sigh. On a sweeter note, this young softball player in upstate NY names Bubba Crosby as her favorite athlete.
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