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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Ducks on the pond, can't get home

Well, we actually lost a game yesterday, and the traditional wailing and gnashing of teeth has ensued. We need a starting pitcher! We need a slugging outfielder! We need relievers! We have too many holes and might as well give up now!

I am still not panicked. We're doing okay. We've won 7 out of our last 10, and 7 out of 9 of our last series. Last year at this time, we were at the .500 mark, and fourth in the division.

It seems like we are struggling, because Toronto and the Red Sox are on real hot streaks. But they won't stay that hot all season, and we'll likely have a hot streak or two of our own along the way.

One thing is rather troubling, though: the number of runners we are stranding. Our OBP is #5 in the AL, and the number of homers hit is #7. But in runs scored, we are #12 - third from the bottom. We're getting on base, we're getting some big hits...but not at the same time.

Not sure if this is an actual problem or just a statistical fluke. We do miss Hideki and Sheff, no doubt, but we scored plenty of runs without them last month. And we're actually winning more games without them. Fox put this graphic up yesterday:

Here's a look at the Yankees' stats with RISP:


Jeter 70 .357 .489 .486
Damon 55 .345 .394 .564
Rodriguez 88 .295 .442 .523
Cairo 31 .290 .290 .323
Posada 67 .284 .433 .463
Giambi 60 .283 .494 .750
Williams 64 .266 .316 .328
Cabrera 46 .261 .382 .326
Phillips 43 .256 .277 .419
Stinnett 17 .235 .381 .412
Cano 75 .227 .268 .320
Crosby 16 .125 .176 .125

(Ouch, Bubba! Very small sample size, but still.)

Discounting Stinnett and Crosby due to the small sample size, two things are striking. One, that Johnny Damon has great numbers with RISP, but not that many opportunities (likely because he's the leadoff hitter). Two, that the hot-hitting Cano has terrible numbers with RISP, but a lot of opportunities (second only to A-Rod).

Perhaps a lineup change would help, when Robby gets back. Either that, or some lessons in situational hitting.

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