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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Watching the Rain

Because there's nothing else to watch. We're rained out. And it's not looking good for tomorrow night, either. Boo! I had a good feeling about the rest of this series. We had 'em on the ropes.

Well, that means we've won the series. We may have swept it. :-/

News appears to be very good on the Bubba Crosby front, though. It's really odd how quickly it changed. On Monday, there were reports like this:

Bubba Crosby -- strained right hamstring -- still not playing rehab games yet

Surprising how long this injury has sidelined Crosby. Both he and the Yankees thought he would be ready before his 15 days were up, but he was eligible to return already, and is still probably a week away, at least.

Tuesday, things had apparently changed:

The Yankees were so encouraged by Bubba Crosby's progress rehabbing his right hamstring strain, they developed a plan to get him enough at-bats to be ready as early as Friday ...

Much as I want him back with the Yanks, I hope they aren't rushing him.

Sounds like his job is secure, anyway. They are reporting that Kevin Thompson will be sent down to make room for Bubba.

Also came across this article today:

Dickerson's decision: Bears or pro baseball?

“It’s been a blast to kind of show what you can do,” Dickerson said. “Here in Tampa I was hitting and throwing with Bubba Crosby, who was on a rehab assignment. That was fun.”

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