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Friday, June 02, 2006

Waiting on Bubba

June 1, 2006: Detroit 7, N.Y. Yankees 6

No sweep. Okay, hoping for 4 out of 4 is pretty greedy. Can't complain about 3 out of 4. But being up 5-0 in the 3rd, you start to get ideas.

Part of the problem was the injury bug continues to bite the Yankees. Mariano Rivera was unavailable because...get this...he threw out his back when bending over to tie his shoe before the game. Unbelievable. Farnsy came in the close - and coughed up the lead.

I also think having Bubba in the outfield might have prevented this. He might have been able to rob a hit or two. Ah, well. Tomorrow is another day.

No Bubba until next weekend

Looks like Bubba won't be available for the Red Sox series. From

Waiting on Bubba: Bubba Crosby, on the DL with a strained right hamstring, won't begin playing in extended Spring Training games until the middle of next week.

"He still feels it," Torre said. "I don't want to say he's gone backwards, he just hasn't progressed as we had hoped. It's going to be a little while."

Crosby could return to the Yankees by next weekend's series at home against Oakland.

Darn it. I was hoping he'd at least be available for the last game, which is likely to be against Wakefield. Bubba's got good numbers against Wakefield, unlike the rest of the lineup.

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