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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Still in Columbus

Some more links about Bubba's game last night.

Game story from the Clippers website

From the local paper, the Columbus Dispatch

Crosby, who played parts of the past three years with the Clippers, was slated for right field, but his equipment did not arrive in time for the game and he became the designated hitter. He went 1 for 4.

Oh, brother. Shoulda carried it on instead of checking it, Bubba!


Bubba Crosby also played for Columbus on Tuesday, going 1-for-4 as the DH. Crosby could return by Wednesday or Thursday.

Torre said before the game that Crosby was feeling "a little sore" from playing over the weekend, but that the soreness was not related to the hamstring injury that landed him on the DL to begin with.

Bubba (and Dotel) are playing with the Clippers again tonight. Bubba is leading off again (probably because they want him to get a lot of ABs), and is playing RF.

You can follow the action (sort of) here.

(UPDATE: Bubba started off the game with a leadoff homer!!! Yeah, Bubba!)

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