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Friday, June 23, 2006

The Remains of the Day

Steven Goldman had an article in yesterday's New York Sun, called Bernie's Indian Summer Should Not Delude Yankees:

Williams is batting .362/.371/.672 in June, which is good enough for right field or any other position you might name.

Of course, Williams was never that kind of hitter, and it's unlikely he's found untapped reserves of power at age 37. In fact, Williams isn't hitting like he used to in any way - his younger version had a higher on-base average thanks to his good eye at the plate. With 13 walks all season, Williams is no longer working the count. He's just getting his pitch and letting it rip, doing all of his hitting on the first or second pitch of his at bats.

He warns that this odd surge can't possibly last.

I fear he's right. And as I've argued previously, Bernie's defense may be costing as much as his offense is giving us.

They should just play Bubba. If they'd done that last year, instead of futzing around with the likes of Matt Lawton, Tony Womack, and Ruben Sierra, we'd have been a lot better off.

Bubba's not in the starting lineup tonight. I figured as much; Joe couldn't start Andy at all during the six games in NL parks, and said he wants to give him playing time. With Giambi DHing, it has to be Bernie in RF.

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