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Monday, June 05, 2006

Making the Case for Bubba...

Gamescribe makes The Case for Bubba Crosby - complete with charts. When given a chance to play every day, he hits.

And check out this scouting report from Bubba's Columbus Clippers days. He hit better than Andy Phillips, who was playing at the same time, with a similar number of ABs.

Then there's this:

Bubba Crosby. Again and again and...

He really likes Bubba, and thinks the problem might be that walkoff homer last year. Bubba started thinking he was Barry Bonds. And lost Joe's trust. I confess, I've thought similar things myself. That walkoff homer swing of his usually results in a flyout to right field. As long as he remembers to go for contact instead of power, he's fine. And will even get a few homers.

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