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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Kids Are All Right

June 13, 2006: N.Y. Yankees 1, Cleveland 0

Despite the score, this was a strangely un-tense game. The Yanks got a lot of runners on base in the first two innings, though none scored. Still, it left you with the feeling that they could break out at any moment. And Wanger was so lights-out there was little reason to be tense.

The one run was a homer by Robby Cano (who is often dissed for not hitting enough homers).

It's kind of neat that last year's pair of rookies won the game for us last night, Wang on the mound, Cano at the plate. I was thrilled when they were brought up last year, and I've supported them ever since. Do not trade them!

After this game, I am more convinced than ever that defense is the key this year. Melky and KT both had impressive catches in the OF that likely saved runs. Bernie would not have gotten either of them. It was a one-run game, so those catches may have been game-winners. Defense can win games.

And it's cheap. It's something we can solve from within. Play Bubba instead of Bernie. Let Giambi DH and put Andy at 1B. That might be all we need.

As Yankees Chick points out, the addition of a power hitting outfielder would make very little difference in the number of games we're likely to win.

A starting pitcher would make a bigger difference...but I'm not sure we can get one. Not without giving up too much and mortgaging our future.

Defense, though...that would make a big difference, too, and we might not have to give anything away for it.

My hope for the rest of the season: play the young, speedy kids. (Including Bubba in RF.) Trust their defense will make up for any lack of offensive production. Save the young talent; don't bother going after Willis or Zito. Maybe go after a reliever who can bail out Randy Johnson when he gets in trouble.

The kids are all right...

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