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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Good news

The weather report is a bit better than it was last night. Now they are calling for "showers" rather than "rain" tonight. The radar doesn't look too bad. Maybe they'll get a game in tonight. Though it will likely be messy.

Also good news on the Bubba front.

From today's Star-Ledger

Bubba Crosby, on the disabled list because of a strained right hamstring, was scheduled to play yesterday in extended spring training.

"I think (activation) some point this weekend is a possibility," Torre said.

And from today's Daily News:

BUBBA BACK? Bubba Crosby (pulled hamstring) has increased his activity at the Yanks' Tampa complex and Torre said it is "very realistic" that the reserve outfielder could be activated during this weekend's series against the A's. Kevin Thompson figures to be sent back to Columbus.

Sounds like things are going well in Tampa.

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