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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Defense wins championships

The Daily Record agrees with me:

Sit Bernie: The Yankees should stick with their plan to use Bernie Williams as a part-time player. They would be better off giving regular at-bats to Bubba Crosby or even Kevin Thompson in right field. The defense would be better, too.

Unfortunately, Joe Torre isn't sure Bubba is ready to come off the DL yet:

Where's Bubba? Disabled outfielder Bubba Crosby went 0-for-5 in a rehabilitation start for Class A Tampa on Saturday. Torre said there's nothing physically wrong with Crosby at this point, but that the player isn't quite comfortable at the plate. A Tuesday return to active duty remains a possibility.

Sigh. These injuries are killing us. Bubba was really getting into a nice groove when he got hurt, and now has to start all over again. Something similar seems to have happened with Andy Phillips, Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, etc. Even after they get back in the lineup, they aren't hitting like they were.
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