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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Bubba Goes Boom!

June 14, 2006: Ottawa Lynx 7, Columbus Clippers 2

Bubba Crosby led off with a homer last night in Columbus. The Columbus Dispatch described it as a "towering home run."

The rest of the night didn't seem to go as well, as near as I could tell from the online gamelog: line out, bunt groundout, fly out. And one of the Ottawa players hit a line drive triple to RF. Jeez, how'd someone get a triple on Bubba?

I wasn't sure if that was going to be good enough to get him off the DL. However, by this morning, the rumor was going around that Bubba was off the DL and already on his way to NY. It was finally confirmed in the pre-game show: Bubba activated, Nick Green DFA'd. Yay!

I love this story from

Bubba Crosby was welcomed back to the Yankees clubhouse Thursday with a bear hug from first-base coach Tony Pena and a "Bubba-licious!" call from infielder Miguel Cairo.

"You're going to put me back on the DL," Crosby shouted out as he dangled from Pena's arms.

LOL! For some reason, that really cracks me up. I guess they missed him. (And...they call him "Bubba-licious"?!)

The rest of the article is interesting, too. Bubba talks about why it took so long to rehab. He says he felt the single Monday was the turning point in getting his swing back. And he gave the press a detailed scouting report on Octavio Dotel, who played with him in Tampa and Columbus.

With a week of interleague play coming up, the Yanks could use Bubba's speed and defense. You need a deep bench for those weird NL substitutions. Who knows? Maybe he'll even get a start or two!

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