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Friday, June 09, 2006

Bloodbath in the Bronx

June 8, 2006: Boston 9, N.Y. Yankees 3

Okay, "bloodbath" may be overstated. But it wasn't pretty. The first half of the game was close as could be. But then Wright collapsed, while Schilling soldiered on. Dunno if Wright just isn't game-fit yet, or if he's just not the type to pitch past the 5th inning.

I can't be too upset, since we took two out of three. Still...this one really seemed like it was in reach.

And on the Bubba front...from

Bubba almost back Bubba Crosby took eight at-bats in a simulated game on Wednesday, then got 10 more on Thursday in an extended spring game.

Crosby, on the DL with a right hamstring injury, will begin with Class A Tampa on Friday. Crosby will likely play a few games in the Minors before rejoining the Yankees.

"In his situation as a role player, he hadn't had that much activity," Cashman said. "We want to make sure that when we bring him up, he's not getting rust knocked off at the plate if Joe is going to have to use him more."

How the heck do you get 10 at-bats in one game? I guess they aren't kidding when they call it an extended spring training game.

The NY Post has this about Bubba:

Bubba Crosby will play for Single-A Tampa tonight. Crosby, who went 1-for-5 in an extended spring training game yesterday and played all three outfield positions, will start a rehab assignment in Tampa because Triple-A Columbus is playing on turf and Double-A Trenton is on the road. Crosby said the right hamstring problem that has had him on the DL since May 19 is 100 percent healed. GM Brian Cashman hasn't put a timetable on Crosby's return, which is more important with Gary Sheffield undergoing surgery Tuesday.

And now a couple of articles of general Yankees interest...

A Red Sox fan admits he's starting to like once-hated Yankees:

Yankees earn some respect, admiration

They're not bludgeoning people with their $200 million payroll, either. They're winning with defense and solid, situational hitting. The Yankees are 10th in the AL in home runs, but first in on-base percentage and runs scored. They're reminiscent of the great 1998 team, which won with class and a relentless, fundamental charm.

Amazingly, they're doing it with home-grown players. The Yankee farm system is supposedly bereft of talent. Tell that to Robinson Cano, their young second baseman. Andy Phillips has established himself at first base in recent weeks, allowing Joe Torre to use Jason Giambi at DH.

Melky Cabrera, who came up from the farm when Sheffield and Matsui were hurt, is making a case for himself as the left fielder of the future. Cabrera scored from first base on a wild pitch in the opener of this week's series against the Red Sox. The next night, he made an astonishing catch to rob Manny Ramirez of a homer.

How do you hate a guy named Melky? He's only 21 years old. He called his mother and grandmother back in the Dominican Republic after making his big catch against Boston. How do you summon up a healthy loathing for Bubba Crosby, or Chien-Ming Wang, or Scott Proctor?

It really is easy to love this younger, scrappier team.

And this one, about Bernie, in the twilight of his splendid career:

Williams, fans enjoying his last, long goodbye

Bernie's much happier this year. He wasn't expecting to play much, and is, while last year, he was expecting to play a lot, and didn't.
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