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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Beautiful Ohio

June 13, 2006: Ottawa 7, Columbus 0

The Yankees finally realized that baseball wasn't likely in Tampa while a hurricane was passing through. They flew Bubba and Dotel to Columbus today, to play with the Clippers.

One nice thing: the Clippers have a Web site. Nothing fancy, but it does have a game log page with real-time updates. (Well, almost real-time.) So I was able to follow Bubba's game, in a limited way.

It wasn't encouraging at first. Dotel came in and promptly gave up a single, a homer, a double, and a HBP. His ERA is 18.0.

Bubba didn't seem to be doing any better, being 0 for 3 at one point. But he finally got a hit. He ended the night 1 for 4, with no strikeouts. Hopefully, he's turning the corner.

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