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Monday, May 15, 2006

Put Him In, Coach!

Bubba Crosby has become my favorite Yankee. Yes, I know how crazy that sounds. It's not that I don't like the big stars like Jeter and A-Rod, too. I love 'em. But something about Bubba has really captured my interest. There's something about him that's so refreshing and different. Moreover, I think he has something the Yankees really need.

The Yankees, I'm sad to say, are a one-dimensional team. They slug homeruns, and that's about it. It works pretty well...except against really good pitching. Unfortunately, really good pitching is what you tend to find in the postseason.

I really think it might help to not only have Bubba on the team, but to have more like him. He gets on base, he's got speed, plus his great D. Because he's not swinging for the bleachers, he can hit the tough pitchers. Players like Bubba can add some much-needed balance.

Dave Buscema put it this way:

They should give a shot to the man who's been robbed of so many of them he almost literally leapt out of the park to snag one last night.

Bubba Crosby did everything he could to show the Yankees he doesn't want to be left in the corner, ignored yet again.

He did everything he could to show the Yankees something they could use in what has become a lineup full of pop but lacking versatility.

He gave them speed, running out what looked to be a home run and racing into third with a triple as well as later stealing a base.

He gave them defense, leaping up against the wall in left to rob at least an extra-base hit.

Mostly, he gave them the kind of wide-eyed desire that can come only from a young, hungry player.

The same day he re-signed Matsui, Cashman talked about trying to get back to some of the team attributes that made the Yankees so good in the late '90s. Plugging in some role players to mix with the superstars.

Having lost a guy who can fit both profiles, the Yankees may need to stick with a replacement who can simply blend in for a while.
My sentiments exactly.

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