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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Isn't he a little small for a guy named "Bubba"?

That was what a friend of mine said when she first saw what Bubba Crosby looked like. With a name like Bubba, she was expecting a huge, beefy guy.

I'm reminded of that because of this article by Dan McCourt:

Sue and I held the same debate we often do when Bubba Crosby came in as a defensive replacement in the seventh inning of the Yankees/Rangers game in the Stadium Tuesday night. As one who eagerly and loudly lends his voice to supporting the team when they're home, I consider "Bubba" one of the best names to yell, and I said so. She likes him too, but claims his name is "all about football." All I can reply after the scintillating, comeback, 14-13 Yankee win is, "Point taken."

The NY Daily News gossip page is taking Bubba's name in vain:

Unfortunately, Chastity wasn't working at 40/40 the next night, where owner Jay-Z and galpal Beyoncé partied with Derek Jeter, Johnny Damon and outfielder Bubba Crosby to celebrate the birthday of Damon's wife, Michelle. Cristal and apple martinis were served, with some members of the group staying till 4 a.m. Next day, Crosby got his first strikeout all week, going 1 for 3, and Damon and Jeter both went 1 for 4 in Sunday's stinker, when the Bombers lost to the A's 5 to 1.

Guess this means he's hit the big time. ;-)

The Daily News also had this nice article, about Bubba and teammate Johnny Damon visiting sick kids at the Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Here are some screencaps from the YES story on it:

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