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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Crosby's Peripherals Are Salivating!

May 29, 2006: N.Y. Yankees 4, Detroit 0

Well, maybe Detroit's not so tough after all. Randy Johnson looked like he was heading for a no-hitter for awhile there. (Curse you, Pudge Rodriguez.) It was good to see him his old, dominating self again. Perhaps it was the heat. It was a crushingly hot, humid day. (I happened to be passing through Michigan that day, and the heat and humidity were positively brutal.) Randy always says he pitches better when it's hot.

Today's Bubba flashback is this scouting report from his Columbus Clippers days, dated January 22, 2004:

Crosby's Peripherals Are Salivating!

Bubba Crosby was acquired by the Yankees in a deal that sent Robin Ventura to the Dodgers. In limited AB’s he posted both a high AVG and SLG%, making him a valuable asset if Kenny Lofton goes down this season. His peripheral numbers for the Dodgers' AAA team were phenomenal! Take a look at the XBH percentage and all the other numbers and you can see the Yankees got themselves a decent player.

AAA Columbus .302 .366.460 .090 26.3 63
AAA Las Vegas .361 .410 .635 .090 44.0 277

Interestingly, Andy Phillips is also reviewed. Bubba's batting numbers are much better than Andy's. Yes, including slugging.

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