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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Bubba plays in Tampa today

May 30, 2006: N.Y. Yankees 11, Detroit 6

A closer game than you'd think from the score. The game went 11 innings. Mo pitched three of them (but it was only 25 pitches). The Yanks finally won it in the 11th, scoring five runs. One was a homer by Giambi, but the rest were manufactured via singles, sacrifices, and walks. Nice work, guys!

I'm really liking the mix of youth and experience, contact and power, the Yankees have this year. There's something special about this team. Very frustrating that Bubba's not part of it at the moment.

Speaking of Bubba, there's conflicting news on his progress. Some sources are saying he's on track to return when he's eligible:

Outfielder Bubba Crosby is expected to play in an extended-spring-training game today as he recovers from a hamstring pull. Crosby could be back with the Yankees by the weekend.

But ESPN is reporting that Bubba may be out longer:

New York will likely be without backup outfielder Bubba Crosby until at least the middle part of next week. He has been on the disabled list with a hamstring injury since May 19.

"It's getting close," Crosby said in Tampa, Fla.

Crosby hopes to play in an extended spring training game this weekend. He took batting practice and fly balls Wednesday, and is expected to start running the bases within the next couple of days.

Dunno if his recovery is slower than expected, or if they are just being extra-cautious. Better safe than sorry, for sure.
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