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Friday, May 01, 2009

Instant Yankees Classic

Well, tonight's game was an instant Yankees Classic if ever there was one. The Yanks seemed like they were cruising to an easy win. Then the Angels came from behind and took what seemed to be a safe lead. But it wasn't. It was the battle of terrible bullpens, and the Angels lost, when their closer couldn't get a single out, and the Yanks won on Posada's walkoff single.

I especially enjoyed seeing the bottom of the lineup come through. Gardner was back in center field, after Swisher was hit by a pitch on the elbow. He played well, and so did Ramiro Pena (wearing Bubba's old #19) and Melky.

Poor Jered Weaver. He pitched well, only to see the bullpen throw the game away. But I guess he must be used to it. The Halos have the worst pen in the league.

Jered's brother, Jeff Weaver was called up by the Dodgers yesterday. The Dodgers are carrying 13 pitchers - to keep Torre from abusing any one of them. (Seriously - he admitted it.)

To make room on the 40-main roster, Doug Mientkiewicz was put in the 60-day DL. He dislocated his shoulder in a head-first dive, and will need major surgery to repair the damage. This may be the end of his career. Less serious shoulder surgery has ended players' careers, and this is Minky's age 35 season.

Minky, a childhood friend of A-Rod's, defended him against accusations of steroid use in high school. The source of the allegations was reportedly one of A-Rod's high school teammates. I guess said teammate wasn't Minky. Or it was, and he's trying to throw A-Rod off the trail. ;-)

In other news, the Yanks' announcement of lower ticket prices has caused the resale market to plummet. Too many tickets, not enough buyers.

Andy Phillips has gone 0 for 4 in his last two games. I guess he used up his hits in that two-homer game on Wednesday.

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