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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Thursday Thrashing

It was a brutally hot day, and the game was equally brutal. Sixteen (16!) runs were scored in the 2nd inning - eight each for the Yankees and White Sox. Neither starting pitcher made it out of the inning. In the end, the White Sox avoided the sweep, winning 13-9.

The Rocket just didn't have it today. Though the horrendous 2nd inning was as much due to putrid defense as lousy pitching. Only three of the eight runs in the 2nd were earned. Robby Cano booted an easy double play ball...twice. Instead of two outs, they got none. Then Melky misplayed a ball over his head in CF. He was fooled, and took a step forward, then drifted back. It wasn't an error, but if he'd run back at full speed right away, he could have gotten it. (Melky is not good at judging balls hit over his head, but for some reason they always position him pretty shallow. At least, I assume it's the dugout telling him where to stand.)

Wilson Betemit homered in his first at-bat as a Yankee, joining Marcus Thames, Todd Zeile, Andy Phillips, and of course, Bubba Crosby. I think Nick Green might be in that club as well. His first plate appearance was a walk, which doesn't count as an at-bat. He homered his next time up.

And as many suspected, the Yankees are planning to try Betemit at 1B.

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